"Creative Technologist":[
"Software/Hardware Development",
    "Visual Designing",
    "Technical Writing"



ryo-a is a Tokyo-based creative technologist, software/hardware developer, visual designer and technical writer. Currently, he is a student in the Graduate School of Economics at Keio University. He has various experiences and competencies in mainly three fields; Software Development, Visual Design and Technical Writing. He also uses the handle name "Vitya" in some online fields.

In software development, he prefers to test and evaluate new methods, languages and tools for solving problems. Additionally, he likes to build the environments, platforms and tools for other developers and researchers.

In visual design, he prefers simple and sophisticated design. He is also skillful in merging technology and visual design.

In technical writing, he pays attention to readers' experience for writing understandable technical documents. He always defines the "reader" first. For developers, he writes documents that provide necessary information with simple sentences. For elementary level readers, he writes more friendly and easy docs. His flexible technical writing ability is good for not only publication but also for team (internal) documentation.



Japanese (native), English (TOEIC 885, business fluent)
(very little experience: Russian, French, Ancient Egyptian and Akkadian)

Software Development/Data Analysis

JavaScript (Node.js), Go, Python, R, C#
Linux Server Operation (on-premises and AWS)
Big Data Handling (10TB+)
Physical Computing (Raspberry Pi, mbed)

Visual Design

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, XD

Other Knowledges

Open data / constructing machine-readable data
Creating and designing typeface (Fonts)
Basic understanding of GIS and geospatial data
Basic understanding of electronic circuit design (KiCAD)
Basic understanding of Motion Capture (VICON)
Streaming videos (OBS)


Work Experience

Including part-time job

  • 2020.8-
    Woven Alpha, Inc. (ex. Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development, Inc.) (UX Simulation Assistant)
    ウーブン・アルファ株式会社 (UX Simulation Assistant)
  • 2018.6-
    Zip Infrastructure, Inc. Visual Designer / Software Engineer / System Administrator
    Zip Infrastructure株式会社 デザイナー/ソフトウェアエンジニア/システム管理
  • 2017.4-2020.3
    DWANGO Co., Ltd. Editor of Teaching Material for Programming Education
    株式会社ドワンゴ 教育事業本部 (「N予備校」 大学受験・プログラミング教材執筆・制作補助)

Internship Experience

  • 2020.9
    pixiv Inc. (FANBOX Team)
    ピクシブ株式会社 (FANBOX Team)
  • 2018.8
    TOYOTA Designers Camp. UX Design Course
    トヨタ自動車 "TOYOTA Designers Camp" UXデザイン コース


  • 2021.8
    National Riding Club Association of Japan Skill Certification 5th Grade
    乗馬技能認定審査 5級
  • 2021.3
    TOEIC 885
  • 2019.6
    IPA Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination
  • 2019.5
    IELTS Academic Module 6.0
  • 2017.11
    Amateur Third-Class Radio Operator in Japan

Major Works

Software Development

Hardware-related Project

Visual Design

Technical Writing

Researches in the Academic area

Experimental works



  • ryo-a(atmark)gs.econ.keio.ac.jp